CARDET is the leading research and development centre in the Mediterranean region with global expertise in education, digital skills, and capacity building. As the largest independent non-profit centre based in Cyprus, CARDET is independently affiliated with universities and institutions from around the world, such as the Yale University, the University of Nicosia and the International Council of Educational Media. CARDET has completed more than 400 projects relating to education, inclusion, new technologies, social affairs, literacies, digital skills, upskilling pathways, innovation, and entrepreneurship. CARDET brings together an international team of experts with decades of global expertise in education research and development. Members of our team, board of directors, and advisory board have served in high profile positions for organisations like UNESCO, Commonwealth of Learning, OECD, Google, and the American Educational Research Association. The CARDET team has successfully participated in projects in more than 45 countries, several of which were supported by the European Commission, the United Nations Development Program, Microsoft, Google, The Commonwealth of Learning, international agencies and governments around the world. One of our core strengths is our ability to carefully plan, implement, execute and evaluate projects in various contexts. The management team is supported by 10 members of the board and advisory board, who are all international veterans in education, business, research, and evaluation. CARDET currently employees 50 full- time and part-time staff and collaborates with 100s of dedicated volunteers. The majority of the team members hold graduate degrees (Masters and/or PhD) in areas of education, research methodology, social sciences, business, instructional design, web development, and evaluation. CARDET is a formal member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, which brings together Member States, companies, social partners, non-profit organisations and education providers, who take action to tackle the lack of digital skills in Europe. CARDET is also the ambassador and the focal point for EPALE (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe)- https://ec.europa.eu/epale/ in Cyprus. EPALE is the official platform of the European Commission for Adult Education. The platform launched in October 2014 with 30 participant European member states and up-today has more than 6500 registered users across Europe. Our organization has strategic collaborations with key stakeholder groups in Cyprus and the region like the Ministry of Education, Cultures, Sports and Youth, Cyprus Chamber of Commerce, local education providers, schools, VETs, and higher education, and representative groups from industry, business, and civil society. CARDET follows a systemic and systematic process in thoroughly planning and executing projects. CARDET is ISO 9001 certified for quality in management, research, and education services. We have developed and implemented education projects and conducted large scale evaluations of education programs around the world. The operations and financial management are conducted by highly qualified individual members of our team. The finance department is supervised by the Finance Manager and the Director of Finance. Our projects and organization accounts are properly maintained and audited following international regulations and practices by a world class external auditing firm. Also, our team has designed innovative curricula and develop both Face-to-Face and Online Learning Environments. Moreover, CARDET developed large scale initiatives of e-learning during which we developed custom design learning supported with interactive tools (e.g. VR/AR), using gamification principles and mobile learning, delivered around the globe, both in education oriented and business oriented settings with a particular focus on capacity building, social impact and development.