Jaitek is a Spanish company founded in 2000 specialized in ICT training together with technical developments and implementations in educational institutions (of all educational levels) throughout Spain, both in presence and eLearning.


The company provides consulting, implements and validates eLearning environments. Here we deal with both the Instructional Design of courses and the customization of eLearning Platforms. We are experienced in all sorts of training: eLearning, blended learning and presence, giving customized solutions, technical support, and preparation of training resources (these could be SCORM compliant) for using in any kind of devices and collaboration in the development of teaching units for on-line training.


At Jaitek we are aware that today's society demands companies and professionals who are constantly training and growing. Companies adapted to their time and adaptable to the many changes that are occurring and will occur in the future.

For this reason, we understand technologies as a means of facing up to the new demands of the environment. We bet on technologies not only as work tools but also as tools for change and adaptation.

In other words, ICTs should not serve to separate groups, but to bring together and improve their possibilities of access to training, learning and professional performance. 

The human component of Jaitek is the basis of the company. Work is carried out in accordance with the principles of commitment to quality, efficiency, creativity, cooperation and respect for others. All this in a work environment that facilitates good humour, joy and relaxation in dealing with others.

Jaitek has two profiles of professionals:

  • Methodological profile: Formed by teachers, pedagogues and psychologists, with experience in education (at any level) and knowledge of technology and e-learning. This profile is completed with the use of Windows and Linux or Windows and Mac OSX, Internet and English.
  • Technical profile: This profile is made up of engineers and computer scientists, with an interest in education and training, and knowledge of educational technology and e-learning. They also have knowledge of server administration and English.

Jaitek is based on a series of principles that are configured as fundamental elements of its approach as a company. Likewise, Jaitek has developed a quality system where work is a process of continuous improvement and where the objectives and priorities respond to the needs of our clients and those of the professionals in our team.

This quality system consists of a feedback process between satisfaction, remuneration and results produced for our clients.

Official website: https://www.jaitek.net/