Stichting Kenniscentrum Pro Work

Pro Work is a centre of excellence established in The Netherlands. The foundation was a direct result of the activities from partners in several national and EU projects. Within this and other projects a broad range of methods, instruments and techniques has been developed and implemented, both on an operational as political level, by a consortium existing of companies, regional training centres, government (local, regional, national, European), target group representatives, sectoral representatives and knowledge centres. Pro Work offers a broad platform of professionals who are able to realize structural innovations in a demand driven way. Pro Work’s main aims are (1) the promotion of career development for working people who require (vocational) education, coaching and guidance, also for people with a significant distance to society in general or the labour market in particular and (2) development and implementation of innovations in the field of education and training, (3) transition from school to employment. The projects that PRO WORK participates in vary from national to international level and differ in large number of participating parties, types of partners, structure, collaboration, subject and purpose. Ultimately, all projects focus on the so-called 'Corporate Social Responsibility', because they have in common, that they improve the quality of liveability in many areas. The staff involved in projects is well qualified and fit for its tasks in the project. Staff from Pro Work that will be involved in the project include education experts, consultants to employers, researchers, technical and administrative personnel.